Learnings on Food and Sustainability recently

Recently, I had the opportunity to present a perspective on my agriculture book to a group of listeners in Tokyo, Japan re: Sustainability in Agriculture.

In the research of that, I also found few interesting perspectives that I wanted to share:

  1. Ecological foot print: As below in figure one, here’s significant difference in the ecological foot print by G20 countries — Japan’s food habits were actually “not too bad” vs the planet boundary for food.

2. Per capita GHG emissions from food consumption patterns are interestingly different: Similarly below, the per capita emissions differ significantly by country, as well as the national dietary guidelines. This was also an interesting fact to observe

3. “The global food sector” has actually been value destroying: Looking at further facts, due to the “hidden costs” such as healthcare, environment and economics, the food sector (which has absolutely a market value) has also negatives/and creating a “cost” for society. This was pretty eye opening to observe.

In Japan, there’s debates currently about updating and implementing a strategy on “Sustainable Agriculture” which has been debated for a while. It is extremely interesting how this debate shapes, and will continue to update the learnings as this becomes a focus of the government in 2021.



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