Rapid moves on Sustainability in Japan — the meaning for my leadership journey

Sustainability ambitions has been rising significantly in the recent months.

Not only in Europe and US, but also in Japan, we have released out a net zero towards 2050, and 46% emissions reduction by 2030.

This is quite a significant goal — from the energy sector, transportation sector, buildings, industry, etc. It’s a huge task towards the future.

Following the government goals, we see financial institutions pushing towards net zero too. this is a really exciting move that the business sector is taking this seriously and we are moving ahead.

This has had a lot of meaning in my leadership journey too — to be honest, my work/and professional life has accelerated in need — especially in the last 6 months, as lots of companies, governments had to “re-think” the way we transform towards sustainability.

The aspiration and the ambition as well as the “speed of change” required — has magnified in the last few months. Which means that the capabilities, knowledge and ambition of myself as an individual — need to rise too. The one thing I have also learned, is to “develop a team of allies” to move towards this direction — I have been getting tremendous support from my fellow colleagues, to transform to the similar direction/and ambitions I have.

I look forward to the next 12 months in CISL, to further rise and develop myself to achieve my aspiration, to “develop a sustainable state — a region with out any resource scarcity — in Asia wide region”



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