Sustainability in Asia: Agriculture, Energy and Climate Risk

Why writing a blog: good to capture the recent achievements and objectives

What I am passionate about: I am passionate about working for impactful projects to enhance corporate sustainability, especially in the field of agriculture, energy and climate risk

Recent publications: There’s a few articles I have published recently —

  1. Climate Risk in Asia: I have been quoted in this week’s Nikkei Asia’s (formerly called the Nikkei Asian Review) cover story, “This is the Asian Century: Seven reasons to be optimistic about it,” which interviewed 20 experts on what the Asian Century will look like post-COVID-19. My comment on sustainability reads : “If we do nothing, Asia has a huge portion of global risk. Out of the $4 to $6 trillion in at-risk GDP, $2.8 to $4.7 trillion is going to be in Asia, due to decreasing labor productivity. Capital stock and infrastructure that could be damaged from riverine flooding by 2050 equals $1.6 trillion — and out of that, $1.2 trillion will be in Asia. So, 75% of global capital stock infrastructure risk from [that] flooding will be in Asia. “ “But this is also an opportunity for Asia to lead, by bringing together sufficient ways to adapt and protect assets. Much more resilient infrastructure could potentially be good practice for all the countries around the world. … The world could learn from Asia.”
  2. Tackling Climate and Pandemic Risk in Asia for the World: I have used the FT platform as a launchpad for some of our most distinctive insights. In August, I published our ninth article in the series, Tackling Climate and Pandemic Risk in Asia for the World, to kickstart the Future of Asia insights package on sustainability and climate risk.
  3. Future of Agriculture and Sustainability: I have also released out a book (in the picture above) from Nikkei Publishing, called “Reimagining Agriculture ~ A Perspective by McKinsey & Company~” released in August, with 10,000 copies sold so far, Best Seller in Japan for Agriculture and Economy/Business Management.

Look forward continuously updating more on these topics!



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